From an early age, Ray was fascinated by everything from Vampire Hunter D, to X-Men to The Lord of the Rings. Born and raised in the enchanted land of Harrodsburg Kentucky, his art and storytelling style was heavily influenced by such artists as Yasuhiro Nightow, Jim Lee and the masters Kentaro Miura and Yoshitaka Amano. Ray Coffman has blazed his own trail through the wild world of comics and animation, independently growing a cult following for his original graphic novel “Araura” – an action/fantasy epic! Now he has taken the blue-collar, small-town work ethic that has made Araura such a hit to Hollywood where an animated series is currently being planned for Araura! In addition to Araura, Ray published his first horror novel entitled “Derelict” and is gearing up to release a new world of gothic horror this Fall with his new graphic novel, “The Last Sanctuary”. Ray has become known for having a genuine connection with his fanbase, so be sure to meet him and learn all about the new worlds that are coming your way!