Justin Mason

Justin Mason is currently known for his work on Spider-Punk and most recently Spider-Man 2099: Dark Genesis miniseries from Marvel. His other credits include DC Comics, Image, IDW.  He lives in Corbin, Kentucky

J. Hammond

J Hammond is a self-taught artist born and raised in rural Kentucky. He has had the opportunity to work on exclusive variant covers for Image comics as well as multiple covers for publisher Keenspot (Toy, Jungle Drama, and more!).

In addition to comic covers, J has worked for years as a sketch card artist for trading card companies like Topps, Upper Deck and Cryptozoic for properties like Marvel, Garbage Pail Kids, Rick and Morty, Steven Universe, Mars Attacks and more! His art has also been featured in numerous art books celebrating films and tv, such as Ghostbusters, Halloween and Firefly.

J also has a special affection for fostering creativity in children, running a program at any events he attends called ‘Trading Capes’. While participating in this event, kids 12 and under can create art on a special sketch card and trade them with him for free. Further exploring this passion, he has also published three children’s books and been the featured illustrator of a fourth. Come meet J. Hammond and learn more about this amazing artist!

Eric Puckett

Eric Puckett will be joining us this year for the Richmond Comic & Toy Show , November 11-12th in Richmond,Ky !

– Eric possessed a love of traditional art at an early age and has been creating since he could hold a pencil. He graduated from Morehead State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design.

Eric’s ongoing work spans multiple genres. His art shows the classical influence of the Old Masters, along with the dynamics of Impressionist. Two-time winner of the Rondo Hatton Award Linda Miller Fan Artist of the Year presented by the Classic Horror Film Board. He is a professional graphic designer and has worked for major publishers. His work has been featured in magazines, galleries, restaurants, offices, private collections, and in celebrity homes all over the world.

Mark Kidwell

Mark Kidwell is a comic book creator, writer and artist, widely published by Image Comics, IDW, Monsterverse, Arcana Publishing, Fangoria Magazine and many others. He’s the creator of the sold-out, award-winning “Zombies in Vietnam” series, “’68” from Image Comics, the sword and sorcery fantasy series, “Dark Kingdom” from Frazetta Comics, and the Kickstarter exclusive series, “Rising Rebels” and “Gorgon”. His sold-out horror comics series, “BUMP”, originally published by Fangoria Comics, is optioned for film. He has also written the Amazon exclusive novel for “BUMP”, along with additional novellas, “Yellow” and “Maxie’s Miracle”. Mark also designs special creature effects for motion pictures, including the ghost designs for Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House”, creature designs for Netflix’s “First Kill”, the demented serial killer walrus suits for Kevin Smith’s “TUSK”. He designed “Iron Bob” and “The Hockey Golium” for Smith’s productions of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and “Yoga Hosers”. His designs appear in the Bollywood film, “Hiss”, the Jack Ketchum/Lucky McKee film, “The Woman” and other horror/fantasy film projects. Current projects: “Gorgon”, a three-volume graphic novel series mixing Colombian drug lords and a mythical horror from long-lost Greek mythology, “Creature Features”, an anthology horror comics series coming soon to Kickstarter and the forthcoming “’68” animated series for streaming.

Justin Stewart

Justin Stewart is a Kentucky-based illustrator who’s worked for Disney, Marvel, Sony, Image Comics, Heavy Metal magazine, Printed-in-Blood artbooks, and Pivot Brewing Company. He’s the Art Director for publisher Apex Book Company and collectible retailer Toy Headquarters. Justin also organizes the liveart crew ‘Six Bomb Boards’. See more of his work at justin3000.com

Colonel Tony Moore

Tony Moore is a small-town guy from Kentucky who was raised by a pack of wild televisions. He’s been a fan of comics since before he could read, and has seldom dreamed of becoming anything other than a cartoonist. He started in the biz back in 1999 with his maiden voyage, Battle Pope. Since then, he’s lent his hand to books such as Masters of the Universe, Brit, the Eisner Award-nominated series The Walking Dead, and his creator-owned books Fear Agent and The Exterminators. In recent years at Marvel, Tony has had the pleasure of getting to put his stamp on some wild runs on Ghost Rider, Punisher, Venom and Deadpool.

Mike Decarlo

Mike DeCarlo is a 4 decade veteran of the Comic Industry. Trained by the legendary Dick Giordano. He has worked as a penciler, artist and inker for Marvel, DC, The Simpsons, Disney, BOOM Studios, Warner Communications and Archie. His best attribute is the ability to draw ANY property in any style, period or genre. After graduating Notre Dame High School and studying art for 2 years at Southern CT ST College, he began his professional career as sports cartoonist for The New Haven Register. He left that position to begin that apprenticeship with Giordano and after 18 months branched off to begin a solo career in the comic book industry. Over the next dozen years, he worked primarily as an ink artist on such titles as Batman, Teen Titans, Green Lantern, Thor, Iron Man and Conan the Barbarian. In the mid-nineties, his focus changed to the cartoon/animation genre and worked as an artist on Looney Tunes, Powerpuff Girls, Ben-10, Scooby-Doo and Pinky the Brain among others. In the last decade, in addition to the work he now does for The Simpsons comic company Bongo Entertainment, he works for Disney Worldwide Publishing on Phineas & Ferb, Marvel Superheroes Magazine and Spider-Man Magazine. Mike also has extended his repertoire into the digital field, becoming accomplished at digital inking in Illustrator and coloring in Photoshop.

Tressa Bowling

Tressina Bowling is a local Kentucky artist who specializes in the colorful, whimsical, and sometimes creepy. Her work can be found in recent publications of the Deadman Tells the Spooky Tales from DC and past work like Kentucky Kaiju. When not making art, she can be found spending time with her family, talking about Bourbon for a 9-5, and releasing everyday stresses with boxing.

Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston has created such iconic roles as: Pvt. Drake in ‘Aliens’, Bogs Diamond in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, The original Alistar in the mega hit series ‘Supernatural’, and recently as Clive Davis in the Lifetime Feature ‘Whitney’ directed by the incomparable Angela Bassett, and as Admiral Ernest King in the feature ‘Midway’ directed by Roland Emmerich. You will also know him as Walter Pierce in ;Star Trek: The Next Generation; . He later appeared as Kuroda and later Magh in Star Trek: Enterprise; Marks’ recent work creating characters for motion capture video games includes titles such as: Halo 4 – Capt. Del Rio, ‘Spiderman’ – Norman Osborn, and will be starring in a follow up game later this year. Mark also has numerous credits in the Voice Over arena, performing as Lex Luthor on the ‘Young Justice’ series and as Commander Kolivan on the hit series ‘Voltron’.

Shawn Pryor

SHAWN PRYOR’S (he/him) work includes the middle-grade graphic novel Fast Break (FSG/Macmillan, 2025), GoGo Power Rangers (BOOM! Studios), Cash and Carrie (Action Lab Entertainment), the 2019 Glyph Nominated sports graphic novel Force (Action Lab Entertainment), several books for Capstone’s Jake Maddox Sports and Adventure series, and the Kids Sports series. In his free time, he enjoys reading, cooking, listening to streaming music playlists, and talking about why Zack from the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is the greatest Black superhero of all time.

Ray Coffman

From an early age, Ray was fascinated by everything from Vampire Hunter D, to X-Men to TheLord of the Rings. Born and raised in the enchanted land of Harrodsburg Kentucky, his art andstorytelling style was heavily influenced by such artists as Yasuhiro Nightow, Jim Lee and the masters Kentaro Miura and Yoshitaka Amano. Ray Coffman has blazed his own trail through the wild world of comics and animation, independently growing a cult following for his original graphic novel “Araura” – an action/fantasy epic! Now he has taken the blue-collar, small-town work ethic that has made Araura such a hit to Hollywood where an animated series is currently being planned for Araura! In addition to Araura, Ray published his first horror novel entitled “Derelict” and is gearing up to release a new world of gothic horror this Fall with his new graphic novel, “The Last Sanctuary”.
Ray has become known for having a genuine connection with his fanbase, so be sure to meethim and learn all about the new worlds that are coming your way!

501st Legion

501st LEGION – The Bluegrass Garrison of the 501st Legion executes the mission of the 501st Legion in the Commonwealth of Kentucky by supporting charitable causes, promoting volunteerism, aiding in non-profit fundraising activities, increasing the interest and excitement of the Star Wars “universe”, and providing fans, the general public, and our event hosts with an exceptional experience of what “bad guys doing good” means to our community. Visit the 501st Legion to get photos with the characters and learn how you, too, can join the 501st Legion.

Michelle Ruff

Originally from the Midwest, Michelle has made her home and VO career on the West Coast the past 25 years. She’s lent her voice to many iconic and favorite anime and video game characters like Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach, Fujiko Mine from Lupin the 3rd , Luna from Sailor Moon, Sinon from Sword Art Online, NoHo and Karin from Seven Knights 2.You can also hear Michelle as other favorite Characters Including Yoko Littner from Gurren Laggan, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil Revelations and Racoon City, Yukari Takeba from the Persona 3 & 4Series, And Sadayo Kawakami from Persona 5, Rita Mordio from Tales of Vesperia, Katherine from Catherine and Catherine Fully Body, Young Satoru in Erased, Sakuya Tachibana from God Eater, Kirari Momobami from Kakegurui, Yuki Nagato from The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya, Anri Sonohara from Durarara, Princess Euphemia and Young Lalouche from Code Geass, Eliza from Skullgirls, Jill Valentine in Resident Evil Revelations, C-Viper from Street Fighter, Robin, Soleil and Noire from The Fire Emblem Franchise, Tokki in Lawbreakers, Chi from Chobitz, Cream the Rabbit From Sonic the Hedgehog,She plays Sharon in the Pokemon Movie: Secrets of the Jungle as well as lending her voice to the Pokemon Series as The Little Fox Gang,and manyothers.If you listen close you can also hear Michelle’s voice in popular Films and TV Shows that she lends her voice to including the The Bob’s Burger Movie, Mythic Quest, Flash, Mayfair Witches, Seal Team and many more.Michelle is also the Creator/Producer and Voices 2 characters (Vanilla Bean Dream and Lil Thuggie) in a Puppet show for You Tube called My Thuggie Pony!