Mark Kidwell is a comic book creator, writer and artist, widely published by Image Comics, IDW, Monsterverse, Arcana Publishing, Fangoria Magazine and many others. He’s the creator of the sold-out, award-winning “Zombies in Vietnam” series, “’68” from Image Comics, the sword and sorcery fantasy series, “Dark Kingdom” from Frazetta Comics, and the Kickstarter exclusive series, “Rising Rebels” and “Gorgon”. His sold-out horror comics series, “BUMP”, originally published by Fangoria Comics, is optioned for film. He has also written the Amazon exclusive novel for “BUMP”, along with additional novellas, “Yellow” and “Maxie’s Miracle”. Mark also designs special creature effects for motion pictures, including the ghost designs for Netflix’s “The Haunting of Hill House”, creature designs for Netflix’s “First Kill”, the demented serial killer walrus suits for Kevin Smith’s “TUSK”. He designed “Iron Bob” and “The Hockey Golium” for Smith’s productions of “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back” and “Yoga Hosers”. His designs appear in the Bollywood film, “Hiss”, the Jack Ketchum/Lucky McKee film, “The Woman” and other horror/fantasy film projects. Current projects: “Gorgon”, a three-volume graphic novel series mixing Colombian drug lords and a mythical horror from long-lost Greek mythology, “Creature Features”, an anthology horror comics series coming soon to Kickstarter and the forthcoming “’68” animated series for streaming.