Mark Rolston has created such iconic roles as: Pvt. Drake in ‘Aliens’, Bogs Diamond in ‘The Shawshank Redemption’, The original Alistar in the mega hit series ‘Supernatural. He is NOW playing Captain Hayle in the new Ahsoka mini series currently airing on Disney+. He recently played Clive Davis in the Lifetime Feature ‘Whitney’ directed by the incomparable Angela Bassett, and as Admiral Ernest King in the feature ‘Midway’ directed by Roland Emmerich. You will also know him as Walter Pierce in ;Star Trek: The Next Generation; . He later appeared as Kuroda and later Magh in Star Trek: Enterprise; Marks’ recent work creating characters for motion capture video games includes titles such as: Halo 4 – Capt. Del Rio, ‘Spiderman’ – Norman Osborn, and will be starring in a follow up game later this year. Mark also has numerous credits in the Voice Over arena, performing as Lex Luthor on the ‘Young Justice’ series and as Commander Kolivan on the hit series ‘Voltron’.