Meet Chris Langford and Hunter Groves, lifelong collectors and enthusiasts of all things pop culture. Both have a great passion for comic books, retro video games, wrestling, and movies. These mutual interests led to Chris and Hunter meeting at Comics Plus. A friendship developed over their mutual love of Spawn, indie comics and action figures, and the idea of starting a podcast was formed. Together they are the hosts of The Commonwealth Comics Podcast based in Richmond Kentucky. Still early in the Podcast game, the two hosts are 11 episodes in and eager to record more. When not recording the Podcast and working their day jobs Chris and Hunter enjoy reading comics , collecting Action Figures, as well as connecting with like-minded individuals who share their devotion to the world of pop culture.Their passion and support for indie and more importantly local Kentucky artists and creator’s is a driving force behind the show. These two are working hard to put out quality and interesting content in a fun and entertaining podcast format. Visit Chris and Hunter at the show, check them out on social media, and check out their podcast on Spotify